Our Process

At Southernwood Homes, our process is simple. You provide the land, and we will build your dream home. If you do not have land, we will help you find the perfect place to build. Learn more about our process below.

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The first step is to determine what kind of house you want. Everyone has a different style, and we are committed to build the home of your dreams. Bring us a house plan you like, and if you don’t have one in mind, we are happy to help and have plenty of sample plans. You should also let us know if you have land already or need to locate land. Finally, let us know what you want to spend. We want to build a home in your price point. Our initial conversation will help us transition into the next step.


The next step is to choose the details of your home. Nathan and our team will help you select the perfect brick, stone, hardwood floors, and other details to make the house your home. We will help you choose details in your price point, and we will also let you know if something won’t fit the budget. We are dedicated to transparency and honesty in the entire process, so you won’t encounter any surprise costs later. Once everything is selected, we will begin working on an estimate of the cost to build your perfect home.


Once you’ve selected all the details you want in your custom home, we will work on an estimate of what it will cost. Of course, we can modify details after the initial estimate if you change your mind about something.


When we’ve gotten all the details on paper and you’re ready to begin, you sign a commitment agreement and construction begins.


We take it from here! We know exactly what you want in your home at this point, and we will build it for you. We will, of course, stay in constant contact with you to keep you informed of the progress. And you can visit any time you want; it’s your home!

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